by Consumption

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Every fiber in your worthless contingent existence is all pushing toward an inevitable spill over a bottomless cliff
And every second you've been given to enjoy this life created by a one in a trillion chance is wasted on absolutely nothing

You consume resources and you stuff your head with garbage instead of taking advantage of this body made to experience every gorgeous little detail
Of a wondrous planet built seemingly just for you

Don't you fucking tell me
That you are just waiting
For that special something
To come and make it easy
You know that's just weak
You worthless rotten leech
Take control of your body

If all you do is sit and consume do the world a favor and shake hands with doom

I don't care how it sounds I don't care how you feel
If You've wasted your life, kill yourself tonight

Write my name in your suicide note
Dissipate into nothing
If only I was god

When you're home alone tonight
I want you to take a knife
Drive it straight through your jugular
And make sure that you do it over plastic cause you're not worth the mess that you'll make when it happens
I'm looking at you now and I'm wondering how
Something so disgusting could be allowed
To roam this planet safe and sound

If I was god I'd just you based upon
How you chose to try and get along


released May 22, 2015
Mixed/Mastered by Russel Eck of 8 Bit Recording Studio in Boise, ID.




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Consumption Nampa, Idaho

Homebrew deathcore. Raw and stupid.

Consumption is Jordan Becker, Gage Earls, Marcus Madrid, John Bechstein

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